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The Deveryware Group brings together experience and innovation. A pioneer company in real-time geolocation in France and Europe. Deveryware is a leading company in the marketing of solutions to protect people and companies.
Our Homeland Securitydivision offers a complete range of solutions with experts in data capture and analysis.
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The Notico business unit proposes solutions related to tracking and security to respond to the needs of our clients in terms of Safe & Smart City technology for people, objects and goods.

Notico Deliv, a solution dedicated to Smart City, works with logistics companies and last time delivery companies to improve the service, control and management of the whole delivery process.

Deveryware Group

Deveryware Group, based in París (France), has developed its international expansion thanks to a strategy adapted to each territory and market.

Nowadays, Deveryware is located in Europe (UK, Spain and France), Africa (Senegal), North America (Canada) and South America (Argentina).

Route optimization and last mile delivery


Big Data analysis, fraud and intelligence


Expert forensic and numerical investigation


Solutions for crisis management


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