Notico Deliv 
logistics platform

Platform for Route Optimization and Last Mile Delivery Management

Notico Deliv facilitates the integration and digitalization of the supply chain and enables intelligent management of operations, from planning to delivery to the end customer.

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Visibility, control and tracking in real time

A reliable, scalable and open platform (Hub API), easy to integrate with other systems and on a pay-per-use basis.

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  • Real-time Visibility of delivery state
  • Monitoring customer's satisfaction
  • Incident resolution in real time
  • Indicators of carriers’ efficiency
  • Multi-carrier visibility
  • Improving productivity
  • Saving time and resources
  • Decrease in litigation
  • Immediate resolution of incidents
  • Route planning and optimization
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software repartidor
  • Improved efficiency and working conditions
  • All updated info available in a single app
  • Assisted navigation
  • Detailed report on delivery process
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  • Premium Experience
  • Respect for the requested delivery time
  • Continuous information on the position of the delivery man and the estimated time of delivery
  • Quality survey

Take logistic control of deliveries

Real-time Monitoring

Track your shipments in real time and quickly solve any incident

Allocation, control and tracking

Our Hub API allows you to easily integrate our services in your Supply Chain ecosystem.

Route planning and optimization

Plan all your shipments with the advanced route optimization module and maximize multi-stop routes with our Clustering option.


All operations are analysed and executed in real time to improve distribution logistics.

Focus on the customer

Customer experience is the centre of our work philosophy and we offer them the best services.

Arranging appointments

Our system simplifies and automate appointment arrangements for pick up or delivery and provides a value-added service to the customers

Address normalization

Our advanced Geo coding process fixes wrong addresses at a rate close to 100%.

Focus on the ordering party

We offer the ordering party full visibility on deliveries and customer satisfaction. Such visibility is based on a multi-carrier ecosystem

The platform

Data security, scalability, high availability and ease of integration with other systems.

A highly competitive market requires efficient data collection for analysis and interpretation.

The Notico Deliv platform is the solution

It integrates data, connects you, facilitates delivery orders and centralizes all the information in the supply chain for operational business management.

Decision making
data centric

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